Wildlife Care

Wildlife Care

Here at East Roswell Vet Hospital we provide medical treatment and care for injured raptors (hawks, eagles & owls) and non-venomous reptiles. Once the animals have recovered, they are released to licensed rehabilitators or into their natural environment following strict guidelines set by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

What Wildlife Animals Do We Treat?

We can only accept injured wildlife, EXCEPT venomous reptiles. Although we do not accept uninjured orphaned young, the Department of Natural Resources (706-557-3035) can provide a list of wildlife rehabilitators that accept uninjured orphaned young wildlife.

What is the Best Way to Handle Injured Animals?

If you find an injured animal, it is best to wear gloves and cover it with a towel before picking it up. Transport it by placing it in a covered, ventilated cardboard box. Be sure to call 770-642-1282 before bringing any animal to the hospital. If you find an uninjured orphaned animal, it is best to leave it be. Its parents are usually nearby waiting for you to leave so that they can care for their offspring.

Urban Wildlife Animals We Have Treated


Thank You Go-Funders

Dr. Kim thanks our GoFundMe supporters that contributed to this $2,000 incubator used to help orphaned mammal babies.


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