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Pet Travel Health Certificates

Pet Travel Health Certificates
If you plan to travel by auto or air with your pet to another state or internationally, your pet may require a certificate of veterinary inspection. A health certificate is a federal document generated by a federally accredited veterinarian. The certificate ensures that a pet has met certain health criteria. There are two general types of health certificates for pets: domestic for interstate travel within the U.S. (usually by air) and international. Both types have stringent rules veterinarians cannot bend.

Pet Health Certificate Application for Foreign & Domestic Travel

Thank you for allowing us to assist you with the process of obtaining a travel health certificate for your pet. Please review the following information carefully and initial each point to indicate you understand and agree to the information. Submission of the pre-application with pre-payment of health certificate fee is required to reserve your health certification appointment.

Foreign Travel
Interstate Travel

Please Read & Check All 

    Date of Application
    The following information will help us get a head start on preparing the health certificate and save you processing time. Please be sure your personal information matches your identification documents.

    *The Consignor is typically the pet owner.*

    *The Consignee is also typically the pet owner, but if the pet will be sold to or adopted by another party, that person would be the Consignee.*

    Will the pet be traveling with the owner? If no, please provide Guardian Contact Info.

    Date of Travel
    Temporary or Permanent Relocation (Required Field)

    Medical Records:

    If your pet has medical records from another veterinary hospital, please arrange to have them emailed or faxed at least 2 days prior to your appointment, including rabies and vaccination certificates.

    Email: [email protected]
    Fax: (678) 922-7312

    Thank you! We will contact you within the next business day to schedule your appointment and make arrangements for the deposit payment.