Victoria H.

This is an one year update since we switched to Dr Kim for my senior dog’s care. Experience has been consistently great. What really prompted me to write an updated 5 star review was because my dog recently had a bladder infection. He had blood in his morning pee and that freaked us out. Other than some routine care, he never had any physical issues in the past. I called Dr Kim’s office immediately and despite that it was a busy Monday morning, they asked me to drop him off immediately. I did not get to see Dr Kim in person during my drop off, but explained the situation to a very friendly and knowledgeable tech staff that I had not seen before and unfortunately, I was too worried about my dog to remember his name. After few hours, I received a call from Dr Kim and she informed me of the diagnosis and further explained that they did further exam and determined that his kidneys were fine despite the bad infection. He was prescribed antibiotics and also given some fluid since he refused to drink any water. My dog is back to his healthy normal self now. Looking back, I don’t think he had life threatening issue, however, the way that Dr Kim and her entire team handled this with sense of urgency, care, and most importantly, enormous amount of empathy really struck a chord with me. Thank you East Roswell Vet Hospital!