Tiffany Mourning

I literally cannot sing enough praise for Dr. Kim and her entire team. I started working with her because of our dog trainer Evan, who is also amazing but continue to work with her because I literally trust no one else to care for my Ace! Ace is unique and needs a handler as he has previous aggression issues but her team has really gotten to know him and we always walk in muzzle free, and only use a muzzle if needed for exams. Dr. Kim boards Ace, and his personal handler David works one on one with Ace and provides me with updates on him, and has a personal relationship with my dog, which I love! Today Ace woke up in significant pain, I emailed Dr. Kim for suggestions on home care until the office opened on Monday but because they were there working on the office floors they asked that I bring him in so they could see him! I am so grateful for them! I truly feel the whole team loves my Ace, as much as I do and am forever grateful thst I found them!!!!