susan moreno

The vets here are absolutely lovely people and really seem to care for animals. My only issue is that I recently needed flea and tick medication for my dog, and I checked their website. They have a pharmacy online, great! I called about picking the meds up in the building instead of shipping, and the front desk person said that was no problem, come on down and pick it up. The meds in person were twice as much for the same thing, as I realized after purchasing. When I called to inquire about the price difference, I was told that they use a different supplier for the online pharmacy. That’s fine, but when I had asked about just picking up in the office, the front desk person really should have mentioned the baffling price discrepancy. Quite disappointed in that, as the standard of care here is really great otherwise. I’d still recommend this office, though please check prices before ordering meds if it isn’t an emergency. Edit: In my extreme embarassment, I read the website wrong, and the prices are fine. I didn’t see that it was one month versus the three month offered in the office, so it was even a better deal than through the website! You will not find a more gracious or kind vet practice anywhere else. Go here!!