Pam T.

Two of my friends had gone to East Roswell Vet Hosp and recommended I try it. I had gone to many Vets and the last one was nice, but a bit of a drive. This one is right down the street. I loved it. The people, the closeness, and the prices. I had taken my pup a few times and then for an emergency situation. My pup tends to pull muscles in her back, but this time it was in her neck, and she was squealing in pain. Dr. Kim braced her neck, gave her meds and put her on a session of cold laser therapy. It worked! I had been so scared as to having to pay for surgery or maybe having to put her down. I had never heard of cold laser therapy, and don’t know if many vets even do it. We were with the right Vet, a the right time. Thank God my friends had told me about Dr. Kim. My pup has been great ever since. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful Vet.