Lauren Purcell

I can’t say enough great things about this practice. I started taking my cat, Olive to them a couple years ago and she had the pleasure of seeing all three doctors who are wonderful. I do want to shine a special light on Dr. Still. I took in Olive off the streets, so her medical history was already a mystery. I did learn that she had contracted FIV while being outdoors. A few months ago, she developed a pretty serious ear infection which led to the formation of a hematoma on her ear. Dr. Still performed her surgery and kept me in the loop all day. Before surgery and right after surgery I got a phone call with an in depth update. As a pet parent, you always cross your fingers you find a doctor who radiates that energy, the knowledge and the compassion that’s needed to be successful. She never once sounded annoyed by questions, or made me feel like I was taking up too much of her time. Unfortunately, rather unexpectedly my baby started having issues with her lungs/breathing and was in the stages of heart failure. You can always prepare for the end, but you can never prepare enough. Dr. Still made the process as bearable as something like that can be. It’s never easy. You never forget those people who make difficult situations even just a little bit less painful. Once I reach a point where I’m able to become a pet parent again, Dr. Still and East Roswell Vet will be one of our first stops. I hope this review finds its way to Dr. Still, so she knows the kind of impact she has. 🙂