Kyle Beard

Our dog Lulu was a regular patient at East Roswell Vet Hospital. She struggled with epilepsy her entire life–so vet visits were a frequent occurrence for us. Some months, we made the long trek from Druid Hills to Roswell five or six times to go in for lab work or pick up a prescription. For the person reading this review, considering whether Dr. Still and Dr. Lane are the right veterinarians for your pet, please take my recommendation. I sincerely believe, because of these two, our dog lived a longer, more quality life, and I will be forever grateful for their expert and compassionate care. In January of 2023, Lulu had an episode of cluster seizures. She seized for almost an hour while we rushed to Roswell. When we finally arrived, Dr. Still was there waiting for us, immediately took Lulu and provided life-saving medicine. I am not being hyperbolic when I say, Dr. Still saved my dog’s life that day. Following this visit, we were convinced that our old dog was no longer there. She was weak, had trouble eating, and seemed to be in a perpetual state of anxiety. We made a follow-up visit, preparing for the end of Lulu’s life. This is where I will have difficulty and probably be unable to adequately praise Dr. Still. Having a dog with epilepsy, I had resigned myself to feeling out of control. Lulu’s seizures were violent and frightening like nothing else–even after the 50th episode, there is no comfort or experience that can prepare a person watching their animal thrash uncontrollably. Dr. Still, with such compassion and empathy, knew this, expertly explained Lulu’s prognosis, and gave us a sense of control and hope, despite feeling sure that we would be saying good-bye that day. I acknowledge the story isn’t always a happy one. Not every person can afford the care we able to provide our dog. Not every prognosis is a hopeful one. But at no point did I ever feel pressured to make a decision that wasn’t mine, or that I had to heroically break the bank, or was I made to feel that I was pursuing the wrong thing for Lulu. Dr. Still told us and made us believe that whatever our decision was, it was out of love and care for Lulu–and because of that we got back 7 long months of our same, happy-go-lucky beagle. Unfortunately, we had to say good-bye to Lulu today. She had another cluster episode this weekend and it was very clear to us this time that it was time. I want to thank Dr. Still, Dr. Lane, and the rest of the staff at East Roswell Vet Hospital for taking care of our baby. We will be eternally grateful for the time that we were given with Lulu and will never be able to adequately return that gift. Please take this story as reassurance to the pet owner carefully trying to determine whether or not this is the right place for their beloved friend. It was the right place for Lulu.