I have been going to East Roswell Vet Hospital for approximately one year. Dr.Kim Van Buren is amazing she is really passionate about her job, attentive, loving and kind. She is also really honest and will talk to you straight up. She will also give you different medical options for your pet and will try to help you out as much as possible. My english bulldog Jack started going there because he had an ACL rupture on his left knee and three diferent vets told me I had to do surgery ASAP mind you this surgery ranges from 5,000 to 6,000. I went to see Dr. Kim and she recommended to do K-Laser theraphy instead of surgery because she said she always tries to try different options that might work before going to surgery “We always try to avoid surgery, unless it is really necessary” she says. Frankly I trusted her and I trusted God that this treament was going to work and we did it so after receiving that K-Laser theraphy my dog started feeling better and now his knee is good. He did not need surgery and I saved myself a few thoundsands. I am really thankful to Dr. KIM AND THE STAFF. THEY all are really attentive, professional and nice. Highly recommend them. My dog and I are really Thankful to Dr. KIM!!! She is my Angel sent by God when I asked for hope and a miracle.