Brittany Stone

AVIAN EXPERTS! My Quaker recently suffered a broken leg. The road from there has been painful and difficult. Today, we can breathe easy as she is on her way to recovery; this would not have been possible without the incredible team at ERVH! I brought Quaker to ERVH for a second opinion after a horrific experience with a different Emergency Vet Hospital. On top of this other vet charging us >6x what ERVH did, the other vet did not sedate nor adequately manage my Quaker’s pain during casting, and even broke Quaker’s leg a second time. We were scheduled to return to this other vet a week later, but I was distraught and terrified that something was very wrong. I brought Quaker to ERVH instead and Dr. Kim immediately identified the issues, recasted her properly, and worked with us to set up a treatment plan to save her leg. Quaker was prescribed proper pain meds for an avian orthopedic injury, she was seen in-office for every emergency visit in between, and the entire ERVH team kept in contact with us for status updates. When Quaker was stabilized but casting was not enough, Dr. Kim and her team scheduled us for a specialized surgery to set her bone. During the surgery, Quaker stopped breathing and the ERVH team performed bird-CPR to resuscitate her! Dr. Kim kept me informed and checked in with me mid-surgery in light of the development, to get my informed consent on next steps. Ultimately, an amputation was the best course. Had Quaker been under the knife with any other team, I don’t know that someone else would have risked their lips to save my baby! Hindsight is 20/20, and the regrets can be overwhelming. As her owner, I can’t shake the guilt of Quaker breaking her leg at all, plus taking her to the other vet that harmed her further and likely destroyed the chances of saving her leg. Despite my anxiety and incessant questions, the ERVH team was always patient with me, and more importantly, always attentive and gentle with Quaker. I can never thank them enough for their enduring dedication to their work for all animals, including my little feather baby. There is no price I wouldn’t pay to ensure Quaker’s wellbeing; despite this, ERVH’s pricing for exams, x-rays, meds, and procedures were incredibly reasonable. In our 8-10 visits to ERVH for Quaker, I never observed another pet owner who was unhappy with the care provided. Everyone seems to love this place! Dr. Kim and the ERVH team consistently provided prompt, informed, and compassionate care for my little Quaker EVERY SINGLE VISIT, scheduled or not. Quaker and I look forward to the remainder of her recovery at home, and will continue to sing ERVH’s praises wherever we go and to every Atlanta parront!