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Human Umbilical Stem Cells Now Healing Dogs

Stem cell therapy is now being utilized in veterinary care and is at the forefront of regenerative medicine. East Roswell Vet Hospital is excited to offer owners of animals in our care the option of stem cell regenerative therapy to improve their pet’s quality of life. 



Stem cell regeneration for healing your sick dog

Many people are familiar with the use of umbilical stem cells as a form of regenerative medicine in humans. Recently, human umbilical stem cells have been discovered to be as effective at healing pets as they are people. Stem cells are completely unique in that they have the natural ability to generate new cell types. Stem cells can be effectively reproduced to fulfill two different functions. The first is to continue to regenerate. This self-renewal can help with generalized healing. The second is to become specialized cells with a specific function, such as new blood cells, brain cells or even bone cells. In this way, these newly generated healthy cells can replace diseased cells that are causing your pet to experience health problems, reducing their symptoms and significantly improving their quality of life, whatever their age.  

The process of delivering human umbilical stem cells to your dog is straightforward. Firstly, human umbilical cord blood is harvested and placed into storage until such a time when it is needed. We will undertake a clinical evaluation of your pet and use these results and our in-depth knowledge of stem cell therapy to recommend a dosage for your pet. We order these stem cells and administer them to the target area in a simple outpatient procedure that can be performed without the need for anesthesia. During the next 60 to 120 days, the stem cells will begin the process of regenerating and healing the cells in your dog’s body, helping them to feel younger and healthier – like a puppy again.  

Stem cell therapy – ‘a small miracle’


Stem cell therapy can be successfully used as an alternative or supplementary treatment for dogs with arthritis, ligament issues, dementia, and other chronic ailments, and with a growing body of clinical cases to draw results from, we are seeing an incredible 80% success rate in reducing your dog’s symptoms and improving his quality of life using stem cell therapy. Owners have described the use of stem cell therapy as ‘a small miracle’ for their pet.

We are committed to providing the best possible healthcare to our patients and this means utilizing the newest and most successful innovations in the field of veterinary medicine. Stem cell therapy is already transforming the way in which animals can be treated and we are delighted to bring this regenerative and transformative therapy to pets in our care. 

Take action to heal your pet immediately 

At East Roswell vet Hospital, we are considered to be a premier provider of HUC-DT regenerative stem cell therapy. Whatever his age or his ailment, don’t leave your pet suffering needlessly for a moment longer. Contact us today to discover how stem cell therapy for your canine pal can reduce the symptoms associated with his condition and restore his quality of life. Visit the East Roswell Vet Hospital in Roswell, GA or call us on (770) 642-1282 today to schedule an appointment. 

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