Working and Service Animals

Working and Service Animals

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Full Contact K9 is excited to announce its partnership with area veterinarian Dr. Kim van Beuren. With over 22 years spent in animal medicine, Dr. van Beuren’s experience will prove an invaluable asset to Full Contact K9’s array of canine services.

“We have a long history of partnering with veterinarians who really care about the satisfaction of our clients and the health of our dogs,” says Evan Dunbar, CEO of Full Contact K9. “Our ongoing partnership with Dr. van Beuren allows us to really tap into where healthcare and dog training intersect.”

Dr. van Beuren understands how to navigate the complex web of USDA regulations pertaining to imported dogs and puppies. “I have a great deal of experience with the paperwork required for both international and domestic travel for pets such as the “7001 form” and registration with the European Union,” says Dr. van Beuren. “I work on behalf of Full Contact K9’s clients to review their animal’s medical records carefully and ensure all aspects of their medical care follow compliance protocols.”

Dr. van Beuren practices veterinary medicine at East Roswell Vet Hospital in Roswell, GA. The facility is AAHA pre-accredited and provides all necessary personnel and equipment for both preventative medicine and sick-animal care onsite. “Our facility offers x-rays, a pharmacy, and even a laboratory,” explains Dr. van Beuren.

In addition to general veterinary medicine, Dr. van Beuren has surgical training in a variety of specialty areas including vasectomies, tubal litigations, gonadal implants, mastectomies, splenectomies, gastrointestinal surgery, bladder stone removal, and anal sacculectomy. “Dr. van Beuren really just provides our clients with a wealth of knowledge they can trust,” explains Dunbar.

FULL CONTACT K9 of Atlanta, GA, and Silicon Valley, CA, specializes in dog training, trained protection dogs, and importing specialty puppy breeds. Staffed by some of the most well-respected minds in the canine obedience field, the firm provides holistic dog-related services to families, professionals, and industry elite. To find out more about Full Contact K9’s partnership with Dr. van Beuren or about the services provided by East Roswell Vet Hospital, visit or call 678.235.K9K9.

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