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Pet Diagnostic Services in East Roswell, GA

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Recognizing that your pet is unwell is often considered one of the most challenging aspects of animal ownership. Since he is unable to communicate with you verbally, your pet is reliant on you spotting signs and symptoms that suggest that he is unwell and in need of the support of an experienced and knowledgeable veterinary team. Unfortunately, pets have a natural tendency to try and mask illness and vulnerability for as long as possible.

When you become aware that your pet needs attention and bring him to our veterinary hospital, we will need to do a variety of assessments in order to make an accurate diagnosis. Only then can we recommend the best course of action to treat him. We are pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic services at our veterinary hospital here in Roswell, GA.

Here is what you need to know about some of our key diagnostic services and what they mean for you and your pet.

On-Site Blood and Urine Testing with Minimal Wait Time

Blood and urine tests are two of the most effective diagnostic tools are our disposal. Blood tests can tell us a great deal about what is happening inside your pet’s body, such as whether he is fighting an infection and how well his organs and body systems are functioning. Meanwhile, a urinalysis can provide valuable information about your pet’s urinary system including his bladder and kidneys, which are essential for him to safely and effectively remove waste from his body.

Waiting for test results can be extremely frustrating and a cause of great anxiety for pet owners. At many veterinary clinics, blood and urine samples must be sent to an off-site laboratory for analysis, and this can make the process take much longer. However, our on-site laboratory means that we can analyze blood and urine samples right here, massively reducing the wait for results. Not only will this help give you answers more quickly, but it will also enable us to make a prompt diagnosis and start treatment – something which can be time-critical in many health conditions. This could improve the outcome for your pet’s health.

Digital Radiography with Board-Certified Radiology Consultation Available

Radiography is another valuable diagnostic tool for helping us to determine what is happening inside your pet’s body. Better known as an x-ray, this process involves using small doses of radiation to provide images of tissues, organs, bones and vessels inside your pet’s body. Veterinary radiologists have had specific training in interpreting these images in order to contribute towards the diagnosis of medical conditions and injuries in your pet. We are pleased to be able to offer a consultation with a board-certified radiologist who will be able to explain your pet’s results to you and advise you what needs to happen next in terms of treatment.

On-Site Ultrasonography

Also sometimes referred to as diagnostic sonography, this evaluation is a test during which soundwaves are transmitted into your pet’s body where they will be absorbed, pass through or bounce off of tissues, organs, bones and more. The echoes of those that bounce are converted into a picture of the target area which our experienced diagnostic team can use to determine if there are any abnormalities that we need to be concerned about.

Same Day Cytology Services

If your pet is found to have an unusual lump, bump or growth, or similar, there is a strong possibility that we will need to take a biopsy of the abnormal area so that we can determine what type of cells are growing them. This biopsy is analyzed in a process called cytology. Cytology refers to the microscopic examination of cell samples. It is most often used to diagnose tumors, but can also be used to assess bodily fluids, cell samples from organs and any abnormal fluids.

Cells are collected from your pet in a variety of ways. This includes by scraping the skin, taking a swab to collect discharge and cells, an impression smear or fine-needle aspiration during which cells are collected by needle. We are then able to analyze these the very same day, ensuring that you get the urgent answers that you need and that treatment for your pet can begin as soon as possible.

If you would like to know more about our diagnostic services, please get in touch with our veterinary hospital in Roswell, GA today.

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