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About East Roswell Vet Hospital

East Roswell Vet Hospital provides the highest quality, compassionate veterinary care to ensure your pets enjoy a long, happy, and healthy life.

Meet the staff
Dr. Kim van Beuren

Dr. Kimberly Van Beuren

I was the classic kid who dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. I remember finding a hurt bullfrog and trying to sew it up as a first grader, feeding baby birds found bitten by a cat, and raising every small pet that I could get my hands on.

My path began as a veterinary assistant, walking dogs and cleaning kennels. From there, I worked my way up to veterinary nurse in a small animal exotic hospital, while putting myself through school. I was always intrigued by exotic animals and became an avid owner of birds, reptiles and small mammals. This all eventually sparked my career in veterinary medicine as a doctor. I graduated cum laude with a B.S. in Genetics from the University of Maryland and followed with a D.V.M. from the University of Florida, 20 years ago.

But I went further. My love of rescue animals, surgery and shelter work led me to High-Volume, High-Quality spay neuter work with the Humane Alliance in North Carolina. For 5 years, I performed over 3000 surgeries, further honing my surgical skills with the ability to get those patients home faster, with less discomfort, and with reasonable cost.

I am proud to now call Roswell my home.

East Roswell Veterinary Hospital is the culmination of my career, the grand chapter of veterinary medicine for a kid that once believed in the dream of helping bullfrogs.

Dr. Nataliya

Nataliya Rose

Hi! My name is Nataliya Rose. I am originally from the Ukraine, where I graduated veterinary school. I’ve been living here in the US since 2005 and now a proud citizen of this beautiful country. Ever since I moved here I have enjoyed working in veterinary medicine surrounding myself with so many skilled veterinarians, technicians and assistants. I also specialize in emergency care and laboratory work. My love and specialty has always been caring for all kinds of animals.

When I’m not working, I can be found playing with my three kitty cats, enjoying life with my husband or updating myself on important issues in Veterinary Medicine.


David Herbertson

Hi, my name is David Herbertson. I was born and raised here in Georgia. I started working with rescue animals and groups at 12 years old. My love and passion for animals has lead me to work with and handle all kinds of animals including snakes (of all sizes), birds, and even wildlife. I have always had a passion for animals, but my interest of computers took me a different direction for a while.

After not enjoying college for computer networking, I began my pursuit of becoming a veterinary technician. I am very grateful for the opportunity East Roswell Vet Hospital has given me to be a veterinary assistant and work my way to becoming a veterinary technician!


Karen Stern

Hi! My name is Karen Stern and I am from Los Angeles California. I managed a Veterinary Hospital in West Hills California for 17 years. It was time for a change, so I moved to Beautiful Roswell Georgia in April 2012. I worked for Crossville Veterinary Hospital for 3-1/2 years and decided it was time to retire.

After being retired for 1-1/2 years, Dr. Kim offered me a great position that I could not resist!! It was actually a blessing in disguise because she rescued me from boredom. Dr. Kim is a Wonderful person with a huge heart, not to mention she is an Outstanding Vet!! I love my position with East Roswell Vet Hospital and I see a long prosperous future helping her build her Beautiful Practice.