dog dental hygiene tips from east roswell vet hospital in ga

Pet Dental Hygiene and Oral Care

Is My Pet’s Bad Breath Normal? Although we are used to hearing the phrase “dog breath”, it is not normal for a pet’s breath to be stinky. Just like humans, a dog’s dental hygiene can be a sign that other diseases are present. Poor hygiene and bad breath could potentially lead to

common household items that are poisonous to cats and dogs

Common Household Items Poisonous to Pets

Accidental ingestion of harmful substances causes thousands of pets to suffer each year and many substances are everyday items that are common each household. Sadly, ingestion of poisonous substances can lead to death, but luckily it is completely preventable by knowing how to poison proof your home. East Roswell Vet Hospital wants to provide you with helpful

what to do if your dog has heatstroke

What to Do If Your Pet Has Heatstroke

When summer hits, and the heat starts to set in, it is important to remember that your pet will need extra care during this time. With the rising temperatures and humidity, you can easily become dehydrated and overheat. This can result in falling unconscious at best, and at its worst, vital organs can fail, and